Takeshi Mija is a scrapped character from Hiwata no Nadoko.


In early development, Takeshi Mija was Ijimi's boyfriend. When her reputation was destroyed, Takeshi dumped her, and started dating her former best friend, Ino Rite.

Ino and Takeshi's relationship was meant to serve as an opportunity for the player to either forgive the pair, or to serve as an optional elimination, for betraying Ijimi.

Reasons for Removal

Takeshi Mija was originally conceptualized by BaronLuke, to fit with KGFTBZ's character, Ino Rite. When KGFTBZ was removed from the Bullied Team, he asked that Ino be removed from the game as well, and the team ended up scrapping the "former best friend steals your boyfriend" storyline in favor of something that passes the Bechdel test.