Reika Hinode (日出 麗夏) is the protagonist of Hiwata no Nadoko. In early stages of development, she was called Ijimi Garu, an adaptation of the Japanese phrase "ijime garu," (いじめ がる) meaning "to be bullied."

Known Story

Reika Hinode was one of the most popular girls at Yamamura High School. She had many friends and admirers, but that changed when Tomiko Sonohara transferred in. While Tomiko became quite popular, she was never quite as popular as Reika. Tomiko partnered with other girls in the school to spread rumors about Reika, ruining her reputation completely.

Because of these rumors, Reika went from being the most popular girl to the most hated. With no one to talk to, she fell into a depression. She doesn't want to hurt anymore, but on the brink of suicide, she snaps, and realizes she wants them to hurt instead.


Through espionage and sabotage, the player can choose to have Reika reconcile with or enact retribution on her bullies.

More of Reika's story will be revealed when the demo is released.