Michiyo Kuwatori (桑取 路代) is a target in Hiwata no Nadoko. The concept version of Michiyo was named Oro Kana (愚か), from the Japanese phrase meaning "to be foolish."

Known Story 

Michiyo Kuwatori is a first-year student at Yamamura, who had been one of Reika's friends. When Tomiko transferred to school, she paid off Michiyo to betray Reika by spilling her secrets.


A version of this character, erroneously named “Oro Ka,” was present in the YS Mod Build. This version of the character has very few similarities to the final version featured, having a completely different story and appearance.

Though Michiyo's storyline won't be playable in the demo release, it will be the first storyline in the full version of the game.